The quest for a natural life in an abstract world, getting closer to nature without losing the wifi-connection - this is what “Wilde Kultur” (Wild Culture) is about.

We are Nadine & Stefan - and we set out on this quest together. At we share our path, our experiences and mistakes, what makes us happy and what makes us worried, our wishes for the future and our findings along the way.

We create beautiful things that inspire to live a wild(er) life and that can be found in our webshop.

Please feel welcome.

By hand

The perfect sourdough in hands, a selfmade dress on the body,... making things by hand is fascinating, enriching, sometimes astonishing, at times frustrating, but always salutary.

We love to learn new things. This is where we share our experiences and learnings.

These contents are mostly not yet translated to english. We are working on it.

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In mind

What does a good life look like? How do I want to spend my time? What is important? What do I really need? And what's for dinner today? 

Every day we think about how we want to live our lives. Here we share some of our thoughts. We don't promise answers, but at least a whole lot of questions.

These contents are mostly not yet translated to english. We are working on it.

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Nadine 19.01.2020

Wilde Pflanzen und Pilze im Winter sammeln

Was es zu finden gibt und wo uns der Klimawandel vorsichtiger werden lassen sollte

Im Winter ist jedes bisschen frische Ernte willkommen. Hier ist ein kleiner Überblick über das, was wir von Dezember bis Februar finden...

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Nadine 17.10.2019

Unser Interview bei Kraftbaum

Über Naturverbindung durch wilde Selbstversorgung

Ende Februar wurden wir von Sandra vom Schweizer Podcast Kraftbaum interviewt. Im Podcast geht es um Naturverbindung und Gesundheit. Wir haben davon erzählt, wie für uns das Heranrücken an die Natur durch wilde Selbstversorgung möglich wird...

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Nadine 18.08.2019

How to make a wild medicinal herb bunch

Celebrating summer and the tradition of wild medicinals

Wild medicinal herb bunches are a great way to celebrate summer and the abundance of wild medicinals. Here's how to make them...

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Nadine 25.07.2019

Letting go

And what I'm learning for life through self-sufficiency

In the eye of a perfectionist, a garden is always chaos. Slugs and grass destroy efforts, peas don't sprout in the way you want them to, cats roll on the newly-planted brussel sprouts... What can you do? How can you persevere?

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By us

We want to inspire, motivate and share little pieces from our world with others. This is why, in 2018, we started to create pretty useful things.

Here is our web shop.

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Enamel mug »Wild Tea«

This enamel mug is all about wild tea. On dark moss green you find illustrations of various aromatic and / or medicinal wild tea plants.

Own product development - no affiliate program!

About us

Who are the people behind Wilde Kultur? What motivates and inspires us? What keeps us up at night? Here we introduce ourselves...

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