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Enamel mug »Wild Tea«

moss green / white

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This enamel mug is all about wild tea. On dark moss green you find illustrations of various aromatic and / or medicinal wild tea plants.

In a dark green with a white motive; edge and inside white.

About the illustrations

These mugs were created for all lovers of wild tea. 

Diese Tasse haben wir für alle Liebhaber von Wildem Tee entworfen. Illustrated are 11 wild tea plants with their latin names, for example: ribwort plantain, rosehips, elder flower, dandelion, spruce... All illustrations were drawn by Nadine with ink on paper and then digitalised by Stefan. 


  • Material: steel / enamel
  • Diameter: 8 cm
  • Height: 8 cm
  • Capacity: 0,25 l

About enamel

Enamel mugs are great for use at home and - because of their particular characteristics - outdoors.

Die Vorteile von Email / Emaille:

  • durable,
  • lightweight,
  • robust,
  • recyclable,
  • can be used directly on various cooktops (e.g. induction, fire, gas, electric).

Our mugs are 100% Wilde Kultur design. They are manufactured by the german company Münder Email.

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Wooden lid for enamel mug
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