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Forager pouch


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The wish for more order in the basket is what lies behind the idea for these pouches. Each of them is one of a kind - made from recycled faric, sewn and printed by us.

About the illustrations

The forager pouches carry an illustration on both sides: one is a twig with rosehips, the other one is a chanterelle.


Our forager pouches were designed to...

  •  help create more order in the basket.
  •  separate edible fungi from non-edibles or those who have not yet been identified.
  •  hold nettles, for example, and reduce the risk of stings.
  •  keep wild plants krisp for longer by transporting them in a slightly moist pouch.

But they are also suitable for...

  •  shopping packaging-free.
  •  transporting enamel mugs more safely.
  •  whatever pouches can usually be used for. ;-)

Materials and fabrication

Upcycled linen: our pouches are made from used linen. Therefor we get old linen - for example table-cloths, bed sheets, pillow cases and similar - which are no longer used for their old purpose (e.g. because of staining or spots). Small pieces are sufficient for the pouches, so it's easy to pick spot free pieces and give old linen a new life.

Print: The fabric gets printed with handmade stamps made from lino. The colour used is "saliva resistant" and - through heat fixation - washable (up to 40 °C).

String: 100 % linen.

Thread: 100 % organic cotton, natural finish.

Variations: Each pouch is one of a kind and small deviations from the pictures here are normal and to be expected. Typical variations are:

  • different colours of the fabric - as it is secondhand it comes from different sources, colour varies from white to a beige.
  • different colour intensity for the prints - it's part of the charm of lino print that the outcome always is unique.
  • unlikely, but not impossible: as we get our fabric sencondhand from private sources, we have to rely on the words of the former owners and our own assessment to say if the fabric is 100 % linen. We are very eager to only pick such fabric, still it is cannot be fully ruled out that you might receive a pouch made from blended fabric or cotton.


  • robust linen,
  • increased stability (in the basket) due to the special design of a flat bottom,
  • linen string to safely close the pouch.


ca. 17 cm
ca. 12 cm
ca. 32 g

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